What sets Plymouth Soundings LLC apart from others in this industry? 

At Project Inception, the Client receives expert advice about the type of “outside” assistance they will need (e.g., tax credit accountants, tax credit attorneys, etc.), what role each of are responsibile for and the cost of same.

In NMTC transactions, Plymouth Soundings coordinates the effective marketing of the Project to potential NMTC investors/ CDEs, including the creation of the project “package” that contains the project information that NMTC parties are keying in on when making their decisions (e.g., community benefits and financial information, etc.).  Plymouth Soundings has built a myriad of relationships over the years and has contacts from over 17 years of experience. This has been advantageous  in garnering interest in the project and identifying the NMTC parties that would be a good “match” for each particular project.

In HTC transactions, Plymouth Soundings works with the Client and Architect on NPS submissions which typically neither the tax credit counsel nor the tax credit account undertake.

In HTC transactions, Plymouth Soundings provides real-time advice on qualifying expenditures timely and cost effectively.

Plymouth Soundings works with the Client to translate their financial information into the data the tax credit accountants need to complete tax credit financial projections.

Plymouth Soundings provides timely advice to Clients on how “typical” nonprofit tasks must be revised in a tax credit structure.

Plymouth Soundings serves as an effective “intermediary” between Client, Investor and Tax Credit Professionals to communicate all necessary information to all parties.

Plymouth Soundings also serves as effective “intermediary” between local counsel/ local accountants and tax credit counsel/ tax credit accountants to ensure each knows their role to minimize duplication of work and to ensure the work is consistent between local and tax credit professionals.

Plymouth Soundings has expertise and a deep understanding of the theatre business.  This knowledge and experience serves as valuable resource to lawyers/ tax credit accountants to draft documents and projections that are consistent with the true operations of a theatre.

Plymouth Soundings ensures that the tax credit professionals involved in the Project are responding to the Client and transaction(s) in timely matter.

Plymouth Soundings has the knowledge and expertise to become involved in all aspects of the transaction. The Client and Project benefits due to their experience in being in a position to know how one project component (e.g., financing) may affect another project component (tax credits).  Being engaged at this level allows Plymouth Soundings  the ability to identify and address any issues or disconnect between the project components and parties early on. 

Plymouth Sounding assists Clients with nuances of post-closing financial reporting, tax reporting, bookkeeping, etc.

Why Plymouth Soundings?

Delivering Custom Services for over 17 Years

  • Over 35 years of project development experience;
  • $900MM of closed tax credit financings as well as direct experience in theatre rehabilitations;
  • Close working relationships with Leading Tax, Legal and Accounting Professionals;
  • Close working relationships with Investors, CDE’s and Bankers;
  • Acts as Client advocate throughout the process through Investor Exit.

Questions about Tax Credits Financing? 

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