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Tax Credits Financing and Related Processes

Both non-profit and for-profit Clients pursuing funding via New Markets (NMTC) and/or Historic (HTC) Tax Credit programs will need a highly skilled staff or help from a highly knowledgeable, and experienced Consultant.

Your Consultant should bring relevant expertise and experience that extends beyond just the tax credit process. Your Consultant should act as your advocate representing your interests throughout the project and be able to seamlessly integrate into your team.

Plymouth Soundings, LLC has a proven track record in “delivering” the unique services that help each client through the challenges of a Tax Credit Financing and related operational impacts. Clients benefit from our additional experience in Accounting, Project Management, Construction and Finance.

As a member of your team, Plymouth Sounding offers:

  • Knowledge to identify and recommend the required and qualified additional resources needed;
  • “Hands on personal experience” in development, operations, finance, and accounting;
  • Proven capability to efficiently manage and coordinate multiple players with dissimilar challenges and deadlines;
  • Flexibility to provide tailored services, as needed, when needed.

Specifically, we offer our extensive expertise and experience in:

  • The tax credit financing process;
  • Project and Construction management;
  • Financial and operations management;
  • Both IRS and Department of the Interior regulations.

Plymouth Soundings contributes its expertise to all aspects of your project.  You will require services from you or your Consultant during the many phases of the project.

These phases may include:

  • Planning and design;
  • Financing preparation and Closing;
  • Construction and Closeout;
  • Operations Compliance
  • Post Compliance – Winddown

Success Story


In the midst of the Great Recession, PBS39 undertook the single largest building project in its nearly 50 year history. Creating a state of the art public media facility in the shadows of the former Bethlehem Steel blast furnaces was a huge leap of faith, both in terms of location risk and financial risk.

Without the leveraging power of New Markets Tax Credits, this nearly $30 million transformational endeavor would never have come to fruition. And the only way that we were able to execute on this incredibly complex and structured strategy was by having the day to day, steady and experienced hand of Plymouth Soundings and Darlene Smolik with us.

I can say without hesitation that PBS39 at SteelStacks would not be here today were it not for the partnership with Plymouth Soundings.

Timothy S. Fallon


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