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Historic Tax Credits

The Cotton Mill

The Cotton Mill was originally an old Cotton Mill built in the early 1900’s. It is located in a severely depressed part of Roanoke and has been abandoned for many years.

The building was just another derelict building in a decaying part of the City. It was recently purchased by a local developer and repurposed into a mixed-use facility which included housing for the local neighborhood residents.

The Cotton Mill joins other buildings as part of this developer’s efforts to revitalize downtown Roanoke, VA.

The Cotton Mill

Roanoke, VA



Project Inception

Evaluate with the Planning Team the feasibility, risks and key variables for successful acquisition of Tax Credit financing, and possible impacts on the timing and design of the project.

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Project Financing

The success of any major construction project requires seamless coordination between owners, the construction team, Investors and Financing Institutions along with the corollary Accounting, Tax and Legal providers.

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Project Compliance Services

Utilizing Tax Credit financing requires that Clients keep careful records of all project costs and activities, and prepare and submit regular reports to CDE’s and Investors during the compliance period.

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