Tax Credits Financing

Project Construction & Closeout

The construction period requires special accounting, reporting, and oversight procedures.

Some of the services provided are listed below:

  • Ensure accurate project cost reports and documentation,
  • Ensure all required accounting entries and procedure changes are completed and implemented,
  • Prepare all required reports in the proper format and ensure required reports are submitted to all stakeholders,
  • Work with Client and Construction Team to maximize the expenditures qualifying for tax credit financing including necessary reporting and monitoring procedures,
  • Provide information required for Part 3 report to National Park Service,
  • Monitor Construction progress and provided input to ensure issues are resolved minimizing impact on budget and schedule,
  • Coordinate with Investors and CED’s to ensure problems are resolved and their needs are met.

Success Stories

By using your consulting services, they are getting the benefit of having a professional to explain the deal issues that arise during the closing process.

It is actually a cost savings to the Client because without you on their team they would likely rely on their Counsel to “hand­ hold” them through the process. Counsel can do it but the cost savings as to having you do the explaining and having Counsel stick to the documentation has to be huge to any QALICB Client.

~ U S Bank

…a critical team member that has a consistent focus on the detail but doesn’t lose site of the big picture. …People often underestimate the complexity of their financings, and after the closing they recognize the key contributions by Dee (Darlene Smolik). They also recognize, in hindsight, that they couldn’t have done it alone relying on their existing staff – the role she plays supplements her client’s team in a very important way.

~ Joel Cohn

CPA, Cohn Reznick Group

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