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Tax Credits – Additional Funding for Your Project

Are you considering additional funding for your Project via a Tax Credit program?

Completing your project requires time, many specialized skills, and can quickly become overwhelming.

A successful Project, for a variety of reasons may fail or never get off the ground. One of those reasons is insufficient funds. Projects must show financial feasibility, must qualify, and compete for the credits. A well-prepared project, effectively marketed, is more likely to be successful

With help, you can move through to the end and hopefully end up with a successful project.

Completing your project and realizing benefits from the Tax Credit programs will require:

  •  Experience in Business analysis and planning,
  •  Proven ability to manage complex projects involving many stakeholders,
  •  Knowledge and experience with Construction and Design,
  •  Expertise in the tax credit process and requirements,
  •  Team of Legal, Tax, and Accounting Expert in Tax Credit financings, 
  •  Specialized accounting experience, 
  •  Relationships and experience working with all the parties involved in a financing, 
  •  Network of Bankers, Investors and CDE’s.

In many cases, your staff may not have the experience, skill, training, or time required to meet all of the requirements of a Tax Credit financing. Further, you will need to coordinate the efforts of several outside experts including Legal, Tax, and Accounting as well as interacting with Bankers, Investors and/or CDE’s.

You will quickly realize you need help. You need a qualified Consultant with experience in all aspects of your project, not just tax credits. The Consultant will guide you through the process to realize a successful project.

Funding from either Historic, New Markets or both can and often make the difference between success and failure.

Plymouth Soundings can meet all of these needs and more. Take a closer look at how our consulting services can result in a successful Project.  It is definitely worth the initial effort to see if you qualify and have an opportunity to compete for these credits. 

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What Makes Plymouth Soundings Unique?

Expertise & Custom Service

Plymouth Soundings:

  •  Acts as your advocate through all phases of the project,
  •  Provides the expertise and experience necessary to begin and complete the Tax Credit Financing processes,
  •  Brings Broad based experience in project, construction and financial management,
  •  Provides the services you need when you need them.

Plymouth Soundings – Working with Owners and Developers to:

  • Prepare the information and reports required by Investors and CDE’s,
  • Coordinate activities and reporting during the Construction and post Construction periods, 
  • Coordinate the activities of the many parties involved in a tax credit financing, 
  • Provides guidance and problem solving throughout all phases of your project.

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