Financing Preparation and Closing

The Tax Credit Process

The project financing process is intense, with multiple participants and extensive due diligence impacting the amount of financing received and operations obligations. Actual documentation of the closing and subsequent accounting protocols are unique to Tax Credit Financing.

Some of the services provide are:

  • Guidance for the data collection, preparation and reporting processes,
  • Translation of the needs of Lenders, Investors, the Accounting and Tax counsel,
  • Identify and interact with potential Investors and/or CDE’s,
  • Prepare financial projections and budgets required by investors and CDE’s,
  • Assist Client in forming the new entities and subsequent accounting and operational changes,
  • Prepare marketing material for various investors and CDE’s,
  • Assist in identifying, evaluating, interacting, and negotiating with potential Investors and CDE’s,
  • Coordinate the Tax Credit team of professionals in preparation of all final documents.

Success Stories


This program is really not about how smart a person or staff at a project is. It is about understanding a hundred different fine points about the program, regulations, and requirements of all parties.

Missing some of those fine points could at worst ruin a project or at the very least cause significant legal fees and other costs as the project stumbles around learning what everything means.

~ US Bank

Dee and the hand-picked team of legal and accounting professionals she directs have been extraordinary at leading us through the complex and bewildering process of tax credit financing for a nonprofit project.

She is always clear, concise, personable and transparent, even when delivering tough news or explaining convoluted issues. She has worked miracles for this project and I would not want to tackle a tax credit project with anyone else

Project Principal, ~ Current Project Seeking financing

About Our Projects

Providing Tax Credits Financing Guidance for over 17 Years

Some of Plymouth Soundings’ Performing Arts Center clients have included Proctor’s, Clemens Center, Adler, Fox, Stanley, and most recently, Universal Performing Arts Center in Kingston, Universal Preservation Hall in Saratoga Springs, theREP in Albany, and the Holly Theatre in Medford, Oregon.

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