Leading Clients to New Funding via Historic and New Markets Tax Credit Programs

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New Funding is available via the Historic and New markets Tax Credit Programs

Federal and State Tax Credit Programs brings new life to your Project making the difference between a successful project and one that never gets off the ground.

Federal and State Tax Credit Programs offer a new source Funding for your Qualifying Project. Accessing tax credit sourced funding can be a complicated, confusing and arduous process but worth the effort.

Plymouth Soundings works as your advocate to deliver all the expertise required to guide you through the Tax Credit process and contribute to all phases and activities of your project from inception through the end of the compliance period improving overall Project outcomes.

Plymouth Soundings as your advocate and Representative:

  • Takes you through the process giving you the best chance of success;
  • Maximizes the amount of funding you may receive, and;
  • Improves overall outcomes via additional Expertise in Construction and Project Management, Finance Accounting and Business Management.

Plymouth offers extensive experience with Tax Credit funding:

  • Specialized skills and experience through out all phases of the tax credit financing process.
  • 17 years’ experience working with profit and non-profit, Historic and Commercial projects.
  • Extensive relationships with Investors, CDE’s, Legal, Accounting and Tax Consultants.
  • Specialized expertise with Historic Theatres;
  • Closed ____ projects representing $900MM in Investment
  • Experience with Commercial and Historic Theatre projects

Plymouth Soundings’ Services Summary

Tax Credits Financing

Funding from either Historic, New Markets or both can and often make the difference between success and failure of the Project.

The successful completion of any major construction project requires seamless coordination between owners, the construction team, Investors and Financing Institutions along with the corollary Accounting, Tax and Legal providers. Having a representative and advocate on your team is vital to the success of any project when utilizing “Tax Credits” financing.  

Plymouth Soundings’ expertise in Historic and New Markets Tax Credits financing and in Project Development can help your team at the outset of  Project Inception 

Planning & Design

Tax Credit Financing ideally commences at Project Inception, where there is a large volume of information to collect and analyze as well as activities to complete.

Financing Process

The project financing process is intense, with multiple participants & extensive due diligence impacting the amount of financing received & operations obligations.

Construction Period

The construction period requires special accounting, reporting, and oversight procedures.  Plymouth Soundings offers a myriad of services in this phase.

Operations Compliance

Once operations begin, you’ll be required to comply with a new set of requirements and guidelines that continue for several years beyond project completion.

Investor Exit

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Your extensive contact with the major players on the regulatory as well as corporate side of the federal programs keeps all parties talking the same language and provides a single point of contact for questions.

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Success Stories

Our transactions would NOT have been completed had we not enjoyed your guidance at all levels. Two-tier funding, Portions of Business, the accounting requirements prior to, during and subsequent to closing, the handling of in-kind, and the deal structure required to generate the credits


We have worked with Darlene and her team for almost 20 years bringing complex historic and New Market projects to completion. Dee gets the details right every time!

Philip Morris

Proctors, theRep, and UPH Testimonial

Completed Projects

Mixed Use Facility

Patrick Henry Hotel

Mixed Use Facility

The Cotton Mill

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